Welcome to a Sinner’s Guide to the Galaxy

This is a sinner’s guide because we’re all born with a craving for recognition and the capacity for wrong doing. No one has to teach a child how to lie. No one has to teach a child to want attention. And every life, no matter how small or how evil or how magnificently beautiful, deserves a space to be remembered.

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

I’m DebiLynn Fendley, and this is your invitation to follow me down the rabbit hole.

It’s my rabbit hole, but I’m letting you play in it.

I’ll promise you it will be fun.

We are all composed of the stories behind us, some true, some false, but all intensely personal. Story has the capacity to change our lives. Some stories we invent, and some we just pass along. I do a bit of both, whether it be in a photograph, a painting, a print, or the written word. Each of those forms has its own rules, and I get to make those rules. For example, I almost never tell the story behind a painting or a print. I might talk about the theme or the technique or the production, but never the story. Every person has his or her own experience to bring to the interpretation, and listening to those experiences is far more interesting to me than telling my own. But ask me about a photograph….I’ll give you a story. I’ll tell you how it happened and why.

Why do this?

  • Because I want people to interact with my work.
  • Because I want people to interact with each other.
  • Because I want people to see the commonality between themselves and others: the pain, the sorrow, the love.
  • Because too many people don’t care about the inward workings of other people — or even worse, their own inward workings.
  • Because I want what everyone else wants — the chance to be loved.

So join me on this journey down the rabbit hole.

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